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document Article 170 - MirrorServer log: "Unable to perform a roll-up since some required files have not been mirrored yet"
Note: This issue is resolved in V7.0.0 Symptom During the roll-up of a Backup Account on the MirrorServer, the following error is...
14 Nov, 2012 Views: 3592 Comments: 0
document Article 171 - ReportServer Properties (Enterprise Reports) – The option ‘Enforce retention period’ is still enforced when disabled
Note: Fixed in V6.2.4 Symptom If you disable the Enforce retention period setting in the Enterprise Reports configuration, the...
02 Oct, 2012 Views: 4231 Comments: 0
document Article 172 - Storage Platform Console closes when selecting Help > Product Help or Help > About
Note: The Help > About issues is resolved in V7.0.0. The steps below must still be followed for Help > Product Help. Symptom In the SP...
30 Jun, 2014 Views: 4926 Comments: 0
document Article 173 - "Unable to load data index" error on the StorageServer during a backup
Note: This issue is resolved in V7.0.0 Symptom During a backup, the transfer fails with the following error seen in the Backup Client...
18 Oct, 2012 Views: 5401 Comments: 0
document Article 174 - Backup Client fails to connect to the Storage Platform while an Integrity Check is running
Note: This issue is resolved in V7.0.0 Symptom During a backup, the Backup Client fails with: Backup transfer failed. The...
18 Oct, 2012 Views: 7169 Comments: 0
document Article 112 - AccountServer database backup fails to create backup file
Symptom During the AccountServer database backup, the process fails with an error that a file cannot be written as it already exists. The...
08 Jun, 2012 Views: 4469 Comments: 0
document Article 110 - A scheduled report for a very large number of Backup Accounts fails to send
Symptom When running a report, e.g. BackupsNotIn6Hours, for a very large number of Backup Accounts, the email with the report attached does not...
08 Jun, 2012 Views: 4060 Comments: 0
document Article 94 - How to upgrade a branded Storage Platform to the Attix5 Pro brand using the Attix5 Pro SP Installer
Upgrading a branded SP with the Attix5 Pro branded Installer is a custom procedure, and without manual intervention, will result in the...
26 Sep, 2012 Views: 3164 Comments: 0
document Article 49 - Patches and full files with same resulting hashes causes dedupe errors
Synopsis An issue has been identified where it may not be possible to apply a patch that was uploaded under certain conditions.  This...
16 Dec, 2010 Views: 3179 Comments: 0
document Article 59 - Error when calling the RestoreDatabase method on net.tcp://
When you see the following error in your AccountServer error log: Error: Error when calling the RestoreDatabase method on...
15 Apr, 2011 Views: 2787 Comments: 0

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