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document Article 104 - Exchange 2007 SMR using Exchange Management Console, Exchange Management Shell and ExTRA
Using Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant (ExTRA), create a Recovery Storage Group (RSG) in an appropriate location, with the correct...
13 Jul, 2012 Views: 4851 Comments: 0
document Article 121 - Backing up network volumes / mapped drives in Attix5 Pro SE
Since Server Edition (SE) runs as a service, it is not advisable to try to backup a Windows mapped drive by using a drive letter. Rather use a UNC...
27 Feb, 2015 Views: 7122 Comments: 0
document Article 122 - Recovering a single Exchange 2003 mailbox without using the Exchange or SMR plug-ins
This article describes how to recover a single mailbox using Attix5 Pro and Exchange 2003 Recovery Storage Group without using the...
30 Jun, 2014 Views: 9912 Comments: 0
document Article 123 - Email notification not sending after backup
Sometimes the email notification plug-in will send test emails, but not notifications. A known solution is to let the service run as an...
13 Jul, 2012 Views: 4612 Comments: 0
document Article 124 - Script plug-in: Scripts "hang"
Sometimes a Windows batch file works fine when executed from the command prompt but when executed by the script plug-in it seems to hang. This is...
13 Jul, 2012 Views: 7425 Comments: 0
document Article 125 - Lotus Domino: Error in log - "Backup terminated due to timeout"
Please refer to IBM's Support & downloads section for a detailed article related to this error message:...
13 Jul, 2012 Views: 4823 Comments: 0
document Article 126 - Configuring SQL 2005 & 2008 Express for SQL plugin
The Attix5 SQL plugin connects to SQL via port 1433 and used SQL authentication (typically the 'sa' account). By default port 1433 and SQL...
13 Jul, 2012 Views: 5532 Comments: 0
document Article 127 - Exchange Circular Logging error
You may see the following 'Circular logging' error message when using the latest Exchange plug-in with the daily incremental backup option enabled:...
30 Jun, 2014 Views: 4619 Comments: 0
document Article 130 - How to restore SQL database files with a .DAT extension
Some older SQL servers created a *.DAT file when backing up the SQL databases. SQL unfortunately does not recognise the .DAT extension as a valid...
13 Jul, 2012 Views: 29710 Comments: 0
document Article 131 - Backing Up a MySQL Database using Attix5 Backup Professional SE and scripting
Backing up MySQL requires the user to dump the data to file using the mysqldump utility. This utility can be run on both Linux and Windows, with...
30 Jun, 2014 Views: 9273 Comments: 0

Showing: 1-10 of 176    »»