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document Article 120 - How to backup encrypted files on Windows
When you encrypt a file, only the Windows user that created the file or that set the encryption, can open it. Eg: If the Administrator encrypted...
13 Jul, 2012 Views: 4866 Comments: 0
document Article 119 - Attix5 Pro DL or SE service won't start
If the service fails to start it could be one of the following: Default service port already in use Start the service in debug mode. See...
13 Jul, 2012 Views: 9461 Comments: 0
document Article 118 - How to run the Backup Client (GUI) in test mode
If backup client interface fails to open or you struggle to configure a plugin or problems during a restore, run the GUI in test mode to...
13 Jul, 2012 Views: 3881 Comments: 0
document Article 105 - Common Backup Client database error messages
Symptom You see one or more of the following errors: In the Attix5 Pro GUI or backup log file: "file is encrypted or is not a database" or...
20 Aug, 2015 Views: 15476 Comments: 0
document Article 106 - Restore file list not loading in Backup Client
Symptom The restore process in Attix5 Pro is as follows: Click on Previous Backups to retrieve the list of available backup dates from the...
17 Dec, 2013 Views: 5594 Comments: 0
document Article 107 - Common VSS error messages and troubleshooting
1. General Troubleshooting The following article provides a brief overview of VSS within Attix5:...
13 Jul, 2012 Views: 19303 Comments: 0
document Article 108 - Restoring a domain controller using the Attix5 System State (using WSB / Wbadmin) plug-in
Background When using the Attix5 System State (using WSB / Wbadmin) plug-in, restoring a Domain Controller requires additional steps to those...
05 Mar, 2015 Views: 28067 Comments: 0
document Article 109 - Using NFS shares as working folders with the Attix5 Pro Linux Backup Client
NFS shared folders are supported by Attix5 Pro, but file access must be synchronous. In NFS, exported folder access is either synchronous or...
16 Jul, 2012 Views: 5411 Comments: 0
document Article 114 - Backup Warning after 4 days
'You have not backed up for x days' The client shows a warning message that you haven't backed up for a while. To disable it, open the client...
13 Jul, 2012 Views: 3486 Comments: 0
document Article 115 - How to change the Attix5 Pro DL or SE service port
To change the service default port, stop the Attix5 Pro DL or SE service in the Services window (accessed from the Control Panel). Close...
18 Dec, 2012 Views: 5550 Comments: 0

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