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SharePoint plug-in fails to detect information automatically and API error 'Can't Find Moniker'

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Last updated: 04 Jan, 2013

Note: The SharePoint plug-in is not supported in V7. For documentation detailing how to back up SharePoint in V7, visit the Partner Area.

SharePoint plug-in does not detect information automatically and API error: "Can't Find Moniker" appears. The 'Can't Find Moniker' error indicates that the Attix5 SharePoint Interop COM server has not successfully registered with Windows.

Please follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Close the GUI and stop the Attix5 Pro service
  2. Configure the Attix5 Pro service to run as Domain/Administrator.
  3. In SharePoint Central Administration, click Application Management, then to the right, under web applications, select Manage Web Applications.
  4. In the right hand pane, the different sites will show. Select one and click the User Policy tab in the toolbar.
  5. Add the user that the Attix5 Pro service is started as to this site with full permissions.
  6. To deregister the API, use the command-line and navigate to the installation directory of the Attix5 Pro Backup Client.
    Run the command 30.bat /u. This will deregister the API. The command-line output will show "Unregistering Attix5 SharePoint Interop COM Server".
  7. To register, simply run the 30.bat command. The command-line output will now show "Registering Attix5 SharePoint Interop COM Server", and may also show a warning.
  8. Re-start the service and open the GUI. The issue should be resolved. If the Attix5 Pro service user has permission to read the correct registry key, the issue should be resolved.
Article ID: 140
Last updated: 04 Jan, 2013
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Posted: 05 Mar, 2012 by Van Rensburg J.
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