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Enterprise Report - Backup Variance: No dialog window present in SP Console to specify a Variance value

Article ID: 163
Last updated: 30 Jun, 2014

Note: This issue is resolved in V7.0.0


The Backup Variance report does not show a variance value dialog box in the SP Console when run manually, or when creating a schedule. That is; double-clicking on the report does not bring up a dialog box for the variance “Value”, in the same way that you normally get one if you have to specify a Group or Backup Account name.

The only dialog currently shown is the report itself (web page).


In the XML file for this report, the parameter type is listed as “Int” instead of “Integer”.


Replace the current BackupVariance.xml file located in C:\Program Files\Attix5 Pro\Storage Platform\Reports\Backup
with this updated XML: BackupVariance.xml (unzip and replace the current XML file)
Restart the SP Console after replacing the file.

Or, manually edit the file and alter the type:

  1. Edit BackupVariance.xml located in C:\Program Files\Attix5C:\Program Files\Attix5 Pro\Storage Platform\Reports\Backup Pro\Storage Platform\Reports\Backup
  2. Change:
  3. Once the file is saved, restart the SP Console
Article ID: 163
Last updated: 30 Jun, 2014
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Posted: 05 Jun, 2012 by Van Rensburg J.
Updated: 30 Jun, 2014 by Van Rensburg J.
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