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V6.2.3 Hotfix: New VSS plug-in to backup MSDE writer

Article ID: 164
Last updated: 08 Jun, 2012

Note: This fix is applicable to Version 6.2.3 only.
Please ensure that you have installed V6.2.3 ClientUpdate.exe (available in your Partner Area: first, before applying this update.

The V6.2.3 Hotfix can be downloaded here:


  • The MSDE writer is shown as selected in the Backup Client selection tree when using the VSS plug-in
  • During a backup, the backup log shows:
    • The VSS plug-in adding the MSDE writer components
    • It does not show the SQL databases being added or patched
  • No SQL databases are available for restore


The VSS plug-in ignores all System State related writers since these components are backed up by the System State plug-in. The MSDE writer was seen as a System State component and as a result the data selected under the MSDE writer was ignored and not backed up.


An updated VSS plug-in is available which will include the MSDE writer.
To update the VSS plug-in you need to do one of the following:

1. Apply the V6.2.3 Hotfix to auto-update the plug-in at the next backup

  • First ensure you have the latest V6.2.3 ClientUpdates installed
  • Download the ZIP file:
  • Browse to your ClientUpdates folder e.g.: C:\ProgramData\Attix5 Pro\AS_Service\ClientUpdates
  • Paste the downloaded in the ClientUpdates folder
  • Ensure that Auto Update is enabled for the Group/Storage Platform via your SP Console
  • Perform a backup to initate the auto-update
  • Confirm the plug-in version is V2.9 in Help > About.

2. Manually upgrade the VSS plug-in using the Plug-in Installer.

  • In the Partner Area, browse to My Software - Attix5 (,254,My Software - Attix5) and download the latest Plug-in Installer
  • Run the Plug-in installer on the machine where the V6.2.3 Server Edition is installed
  • A blue icon will be desplayed next to the tick box for the VSS plug-in, indicating that it will be upgraded
  • Complete the steps of the Plug-in Installer.
Article ID: 164
Last updated: 08 Jun, 2012
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Posted: 05 Jun, 2012 by Van Rensburg J.
Updated: 08 Jun, 2012 by Van Rensburg J.
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