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Storage Platform errors due to incorrect time synchronisation

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Last updated: 11 Jul, 2012


The Storage Platform reports "Error: An unsecured or incorrectly secured fault was received from the other party. See the inner FaultException for the fault code and detail." and the WCF communication channel will not establish between either AccountServer and StorageServer, or between StorageServer and MirrorServer if running mirroring. No inner fault exception is seen in the error logs.

When adding a new StorageServer, you might see:
11:37:00.605 (09) Info: SPXmlRpcService: [RPC from admin@] service.AddFileServer
11:37:06.438 (09) Warn: XmlRpcServerProtocol: XMLRPC: An error occurred when verifying security for the message.

Alternatively, you might see an error message box showing the same message:


SSL negotiates parameters between peers when establishing or renewing communication channels. These include encryption protocols, and also encryption key lifespan. To agree key lifespan, time synchronisation must be within a certain margin of error, which is approximately five minutes.
If the synchronisation is adrift by more than a few minutes, this error will occur.


Correct the system clocks and ensure they are synced to the correct time, e.g. using an NTP server.
SSL communication will successfully establish and the error will no longer occur.
It will be possible to successfully add new StorageServers once time synchronisation is within the margin of error.

Note: Servers can be in different time zones, and daylight savings settings can be active, but the underlying time for the servers should be synchronised to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). If in any doubt, set the daylight savings and time zones across servers to be the same.
Article ID: 17
Last updated: 11 Jul, 2012
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Posted: 15 Apr, 2010 by Marais D.
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