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Integrity Check on HSM

Article ID: 181
Last updated: 08 Feb, 2013

If you are concerned about the integrity of data in an HSM directory, you can run an Integrity Check on the directory to ensure the data is not corrupt.

Before running the Integrity Check, the DataIndex and SmallFiles files must be renamed from their "date" names to their proper names. Note down the original names before renaming, as you will need to revert them if restoring from the HSM date.

For example:



E:\Export\HSM\speedlab_SPEEDLAB\20120531235959\28e7c57b-b8f1-4a8b-86c5-61d3338b22e7\data\20120531235959. A5Files
E:\Export\HSM\speedlab_SPEEDLAB\20120531235959\28e7c57b-b8f1-4a8b-86c5-61d3338b22e7\data\SmallFiles. A5Files

When completed, drop the following full Integrity Check task in the task queue for the StorageServer, changing the AccountDir path to the HSM path and AccountGuid as appropriate:


Note: The parameters in the Integrity Check task file can be edited to reflect the type of Integrity Check you wish to perform.

Any errors or warnings detected will be reported in the StorageServer logs.

When the Integrity Check completes, if restoring, revert the files to their original names and run the restore as normal.

Article ID: 181
Last updated: 08 Feb, 2013
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