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Manual upgrade of tree-based plug-ins could result in the plug-ins’ backup selection being lost

Article ID: 182
Last updated: 23 Aug, 2012


Manually upgrading the Backup Client and any tree-based plug-ins, such as the MS SQL Server plug-in, as part of the same procedure sometimes results in the plug-ins' backup selection being lost. 


First confirm that your plug-in's backup selection has indeed been lost. If the plug-in's backup selection has been lost, please follow these steps.

  1. Close the Backup Client
  2. Stop the Backup Client service
  3. Browse to the install folder e.g.: C:\Program Files\Attix5 Pro\Backup Client SE
  4. Rename the following two files:
    1. Backupset.xml to Backupset.xml.upgr
    2. Backupset.xml.0 to Backupset.xml
  5. Restart the Backup Client service and Backup Client
  6. Confirm that the selection has been restored 
Article ID: 182
Last updated: 23 Aug, 2012
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Posted: 22 Aug, 2012 by Van Rensburg J.
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