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Invalid encryption key for file error when restoring

Article ID: 203
Last updated: 30 Jan, 2013


During restore, "invalid encryption key for file" errors are shown and the Backup Client is unable to successfully restore certain files.

09:43:28.287 (0020c1d4.0a) Info: BACKMEUP\FILESERVER1 - Restore: Info String: Version=V6.2.3.0 ProductType=SE Title=Attix5 Pro SE V6.2.3 os="Windows Server 2008" version="14.2-b01"
09:43:28.308 (0020c1d4.0a) Info: BACKMEUP\FILESERVER1 - Restore: GUID: e1158581-bb35-42af-9524-9582bc75c6d4
09:43:28.308 (0020c1d4.0a) Info: BACKMEUP\FILESERVER1 - Restore: Restore Initiated.
09:43:28.308 (0020c1d4.0a) Info: BACKMEUP\FILESERVER1 - Restore: Compression is enabled
09:43:28.308 (0020c1d4.0a) Info: BACKMEUP\FILESERVER1 - Restore: Receiving list of files to restore
09:43:31.112 (0020c1d4.0a) Info: BACKMEUP\FILESERVER1 - Restore: 59,197 files requested.
09:43:32.854 (0020c1d4.0a) Info: BACKMEUP\FILESERVER1 - Restore: Optimally loading 28,980 small files (62.36 MB)
09:43:34.156 (0020c1d4.0a) Info: BACKMEUP\FILESERVER1 - Restore: Restore chains built
09:43:34.156 (0020c1d4.0a) Info: BACKMEUP\FILESERVER1 - Restore: Sending 59,197 files, 29.77 GB
09:43:59.690 (0020c1d4.0a) Error: BACKMEUP\FILESERVER1 - Restore: Invalid encryption key for file 9b\9f\9oPr3-rPRJ-uZLm33jQx2LJ1nJP4xvNAFAmMN3ulAAAAAAAKOAA
09:43:59.690 (0020c1d4.0a) Info: BACKMEUP\FILESERVER1 - Restore: Restore completed in 31.42 sec

Note: If you receive an invalid encryption key error when attempting to restore from an HSM date, please follow the steps in FAQ Article 181.


A bug in the Attix5 Pro Storage Platform prior to version 6.2.3 causes some legacy V5 files to have their hash values incorrectly recorded in the data index, which then causes the files to be incorrectly flagged as having the wrong encryption key.


Run a full integrity check with fixes on the StorageServer for the affected Backup Account. The indexes will be rewritten, and the files no longer identified as having invalid encryption keys. The files can then be restored by the Backup Client.

Article ID: 203
Last updated: 30 Jan, 2013
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Posted: 22 Nov, 2012 by Flood A.
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