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System State (using WSB) plug-in not displayed on Windows 2008 or similar machine

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Last updated: 07 Mar, 2013


Note: Backup Client versions prior to V7 are affected by this problem.

After upgrading from an older operating system to Windows 2008 and above, the System State (using WSB) plug-in is not shown in the Backup Client menu.


The Attix5 Pro Backup Client uses Java to identify the machine's operating system. For Backup Client versions prior to V7, Java is not automatically updated by Attix5 Pro.

If an older Backup Client was originally installed, it may be using an older version of Java that does not correctly identify the operating system. Windows 2008 is reported as being Windows Vista.

As Vista does not match the operating system requirement for the System State (using WSB) plug-in, the plug-in is not loaded.


To test if the operating system is being misidentified, run the Attix5 Pro service in debug mode as described in FAQ 117.

In the Command Prompt window, check the and java.version values.

Note that the operating system is reported as Window Vista, and that the Java version is less than 1.6.0_16.

Manually upgrade the Backup Client Java version to at least 1.6.0_16. This can be achieved by copying in a “java” or “java64” folder as appropriate from another working Backup Client installation.

When complete, the operating system will be reported correctly and the plug-in will load.

Article ID: 220
Last updated: 07 Mar, 2013
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