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Feature: Run backups in the background

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Last updated: 30 Jul, 2010


With the increase in speed of processors and memory the bottleneck during backups is now the hard drive. Because most applications rely on disk access these applications may show a noticeable performance degradation if being used during a backup.

Vista and Windows 7 has introduced the concept of background IO and this feature enables the backup to utilize that functionality.


The feature was tested using a disk benchmark program (PerformanceTest 7) while patching a 1GB PST file. First the disk was benchmarked with no activity, then during a normal backup and then during the backup running in background mode.

Test results
Disk activity Average Performance index Notes
No backup (idle) 350  
Patching 100 Normal backup mode
Updating cache 91 Normal backup mode
Patching 310 Background mode
Updating cache 315 Background mode

From the results you can see that normally disk performance would take a serious hit during the backup. However with the backup running in background mode there is almost no effect on other tasks because they get priority. In fact when normal tasks need the disk the backup basically stops until the disk is free again.

Article ID: 23
Last updated: 30 Jul, 2010
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Posted: 22 Apr, 2010 by Marais D.
Updated: 30 Jul, 2010 by Marais D.
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