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Unable to change other collection-level Backup Administrators' passwords

Article ID: 270
Last updated: 23 Sep, 2014


On the Attix5 Pro Storage Platform, a Backup Administrator on the Collection level can create other collection-level Backup Administrators within the same Collection - e.g. TopCollection\SubCollectionB.

For example, SubCollectionB administrator, john.smith, can create another administrator, dave.jones, with the same rights as himself. Both john.smith and dave.jones can then create other non-admin "View Only" and "Group Admin" users within the groups of SubCollectionB.

If either administrator tries to change the other’s password, they encounter an error:

“Server returned a fault exception: [0] A collection group admin may not create a top level admin user.”


Whilst the error message is misleading and refers to a “top level admin user”, the actual problem is that collection-level administrators are not able to reset each other's passwords. 


If a password reset is needed, contact the Top-Level Backup Administrator for the Storage Platform and they will be able to reset the collection-level administrator’s password.

Article ID: 270
Last updated: 23 Sep, 2014
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Posted: 23 Sep, 2014 by Du Plessis S.
Updated: 23 Sep, 2014 by Du Plessis S.
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