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How to restore the AccountServer database after a new install

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Last updated: 02 Jul, 2015

The usual method of recovering your AccountServer (AS) is by using the Storage Platform installer and selecting the Recover AccountServer from LicenseServer option. The installer will refer to the LicenceServer to determine on which StorageServer the backup of your AS database is (providing an IP and port). The installer then connects to this IP & port to retrieve the database and restore it on the AS.

However, this recovery method will fail if the StorageServer is not accessible. A few reasons for this are:

  • The StorageServer might be using a different IP address or port
  • The StorageServer does not exist
  • The firewall config is incorrect

Alternative AS recovery method

As an alternative, the easiest method of recovering the AccountServer database is by using the Storage Platform Console. From V8 Peregrine R3, the Recover option described above is not available and the steps below must be followed:

  1. Install the AccountServer (as per the Storage Platform Manual)
  2. Provide your current activation key. If you don't have the key, request the key from and notify them that a new install will be done.
  3. When the AS install is complete, install the Storage Platform Console.
  4. Open the SP Console, connect to the newly installed AS and navigate to the Storage Platform Configuration view.
  5. Attach your StorageServer(s). If the StorageServer is not available, attach a corresponding MirrorServer as a StorageServer.
  6. From the menu, select AccountServer > Restore database.
  7. Select Yes to confirm.
  8. A dialog box will be displayed when the restore completes successfully.
  9. Confirm that all your StorageServers are listed and accessible.
  10. Confirm that all your Groups and users are listed.

Note: If the Groups and users are not visible after the restore, disconnect the SP Console and connect to the AccountServer again.

Article ID: 313
Last updated: 02 Jul, 2015
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Posted: 12 Jun, 2015 by Van Rensburg J.
Updated: 02 Jul, 2015 by Du Plessis S.
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