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Understanding Attix5 Pro Snapshot Import Behaviour on the Storage Platform

Article ID: 316
Last updated: 23 Jul, 2015


Often due to bandwidth constraints, it may be desirable to run a backup as a snapshot backup, where data is written to a removable disk and conveyed to the Storage Platform for import.


When initiating a snapshot import using the Storage Platform Console, sometimes the snapshot import will start immediately but other times will be queued until the next backup is received. For example:

08:33:15.761 (00000000.69) Info: SPXmlRpcService: MARTY\ZEBRA_SERVER - Backup Snapshot task has been queued and will be done once the Backup Client backs up.

08:33:15.761 (00000000.69) Info: SPXmlRpcService: MARTY\ZEBRA_SERVER - The account has been enabled.


The import process is dependent on encryption key hash values being present in memory on the Storage Server.

If backups have been received previously, the backup import should begin immediately.

If the account is new, or has been moved recently from one Storage Server to another, the backup will be queued.


Whether the import is queued or not, simply backup manually or as scheduled and backups will run using the network connection.



Article ID: 316
Last updated: 23 Jul, 2015
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Posted: 03 Jul, 2015 by Flood A.
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