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Dynamic Branding in Attix5 Reports

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Last updated: 19 Aug, 2015


By default, Attix5 displays its own branding when displaying Enterprise Reports from the Storage Platform Console, but can support many different brands of Backup Client and Storage Platform Console.

With some additional configuration, it is possible to configure dynamic branding within the reports for access users.

Note: The following article is recommended only for those users with a working familiarity with MS SQL.

Configuration Steps

Perform the following steps on the AccountServer:

  1. Navigate to the Storage Platform installation directory, and then into the wwwroot subdirectory.
  2. Create or copy your logo file to this location, using the dimensions 200px wide by 66px high.
  3. Save the file, making sure not to overwrite the existing files.
  4. Navigate back up one level to the installation directory, and into the “Templates” subdirectory.
  5. Copy the “ReportHeader.html” file.
  6. In the AccountServer service directory (by default C:\ProgramData\AS_Service) create a directory called “ReportTemplates”.
  7. Paste the copied file into the directory.
    Note: Any report template files in the AS_Service\ReportTemplates directory override those in the installation directory.
  8. Open the file for editing.
  9. Locate the line that says:
    <img src="/Logo.png" alt="Logo"/></td>
    Edit this to say:
    <img src="<$BrandLogo$>" alt="Logo"/></td>
  10. In the ReportTemplates folder create a text file called “ReportHeader.sql”.
  11. Copy in the following text, and replace the “green.admin” username and “/GreenLogo.png” with appropriate usernames and file names.
      case when @UserName = 'green.admin' then '/GreenLogo.png'
    else '/Logo.png' end BrandLogo
    Note: Additional “case” lines can be added as long as these are before the “else” statement at end. For example:
      case when @UserName = 'green.admin' then '/GreenLogo.png'
      case when @UserName = 'purple.admin' then '/PurpleLogo.png'
    else '/Logo.png' end BrandLogo
  12. Save the file.

When the green.admin user logs in and displays a report, they will be presented with their rebranded logo on the top-right corner.

Any other user logging in and running the same report will be presented with the Attix5 branding:

The new logo will also be shown on any report that the user schedules.


This FAQ is a brief overview - more detailed customisation is possible.

It is always recommended to edit files in the AS_Service\ReportTemplates path rather than the installation Templates path.

The installation Templates can be updated when a new Storage Platform version is installed, but the AS_Service\ReportTemplates will not be.

Additionally, working from the AS_Service\ReportTemplates path means that you always have a working copy of the report to use should you make a mistake.

Further Customisation

To customise more aspects of the reports it is recommended to copy the ReportCSS.html from the installation Templates directory into the ReportTemplates directory.

You can then replace different elements using the “dollar-tag” elements and a ReportCSS.sql file.

For example, to replace the background image used in the report name, replace the filename with <$BannerLogo$>:

ReportCSS.html fragment

    background-image: url( "<$BannerLogo$>" );
    background-repeat: repeat-x;
    height: 65px !important;
    font-size: 20px;
    font-weight: normal;
    color: #666;  
    padding: 0 0 0 10px;
    vertical-align: middle;


  case when @UserName = 'green.admin' then '/GreenLogoBG.png'
else '/LogoBG.png' end BannerLogo

Article ID: 317
Last updated: 19 Aug, 2015
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