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Excluding Office Temporary Files from Backup in SE and DL

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Last updated: 31 Jul, 2015



Microsoft Office creates temporary files when many document types are open, eg Word, Excel.

Whilst users often want to back up Office Documents, the temporary files are not required for restore purposes.

The temporary files may produce skipped file errors.

For example:

Warning: 2015/07/29 22:33:59 Unable to read file:D:\Data\Hotwheels\$~ustang.docx

Error: 2015/07/29 22:33:59 File skipped: only the last successfully backed-up version will be available for restore.


When backups are run, temporary files may be accidentally included in the selection when data is index, but not backed up if the parent file is closed and the temporary file automatically deleted before the backup client can send it to the Storage Platform.

This produces a skipped file error, where on investigation the skipped file does not exist.


Office temporary files can be excluded using a mandatory exclusion to match the tilde “~” character.

For example, to exclude Microsoft Word document (*.docx) temporary files, use the following exclusion:


Note: Do not use the exclusion ~$*.docx. The “$” character is interpreted incorrectly by the backup client, and this will result in the files not being excluded.

To exclude common office documents, use the following global exclusion either on the client itself or using profiling:






Client Exclusion Configuration:

Storage Platform Console Profiling Exclusion Configuration:

A full list of file extensions, please consult Microsoft Office documentation.



Article ID: 323
Last updated: 31 Jul, 2015
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Posted: 31 Jul, 2015 by Flood A.
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