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Attix5 Pro Client Moving Accounts Between Client Machines and Cross-Operating System Support

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Last updated: 09 Sep, 2015


When backing up with Attix5 Pro, data is protected on a "per-account" basis, meaning that each machine backing up, whether it is a desktop, laptop or server, and regardless of operating system, has a backup account on the Storage Platform associated with it.

This account is not associated with any other machine.

Sometimes, due to hardware failure or upgrade, it may be desirable to migrate an account from an old machine to a new one.

This article is intended to explore the practicalities of doing so.

Is it possible to migrate from my old laptop/desktop/server to a new one?

Yes, this can be done easily, but there are limitations and recommendations.

To migrate the account from the old machine to the new one, stop backing up on the old client and disable or ideally uninstall the software. This only applies if the hardware has failed.

You then need to install the backup client onto your new machine, and reconnect to the account using the account name, password and encryption key. You cannot migrate without these three pieces of information.

When reconnected, you can restore data from the account to your new machine if desired.

If you have already migrated your data, you can reselect the same data or other data as desired.

Some data may be resent to the Storage Platform if it has changed, or if cache entries cannot be found.

From the Storage Platform’s perspective, a cutover from an old to new machine will be seen as a continuation of the backups. If the data selection changes from the old to new machine, the old selected data from the old machine will be available for restore until it is aged out as per the normal rollup policy.

Can I change from one operating system to another?

Yes, if going from Windows to Windows, Mac to Mac or Linux to Linux - eg Windows XP to Windows 7 is supported.

Am I able to change from a 32 to 64 bit installation?

Yes, accounts are not tied to CPU architecture. You should ensure the correct client for your architecture is installed however.

Can I change from one operating system family to another? Eg Windows to Mac or Linux to Windows?

This is not blocked by the AccountServer, but is not recommended due to issues with data handling.

When restoring, files backed up by one operating system are liable to misinterpretation, and can be restored with file system headers prepended to the body of the file. This is likely to render them unreadable by applications, which will see the files as corrupt.

Any data already backed up will also be read as different data, again due to different file systems and headers, so would mean that all data is resent in full.

In practice, a new account would be a better choice if migrating to a new operating system family.

How can I get around this situation if I need to restore my data?

Restore the files to another machine of the same OS family using a temporary client and copy the files over. Often a virtual machine can be used to achieve this. The details are outside the scope of this article.

Can I switch between Backup Operator and Non-Backup Operator modes if I migrate?

No, this is unsupported and blocked by the AccountServer. For more details, please see the Server Edition Backup Operator User Manual in the Partner area.

Can I use WebAccess to restore my data?

WebAccess is only supported on Windows Desktop and Laptop edition. Server Edition is not supported.  Access is not blocked for other operating systems, but is not supported. Mac and Linux accounts will encounter data header problems should they attempt to restore using WebAccess. 

Can I use a Task File Restore to restore my data?

Task File restores are only supported for Windows accounts. If a Task File restore is attempted for a non-Windows account the restore may report errors due to differences in file systems. The restore may skip some files or fail depending on the errors encountered. For more information, see article 61, "How to do a restore using a task file".

Can I reconnect an Enterprise Server Edition to a Server Edition account or vice versa?

No, this is not supported.

Article ID: 331
Last updated: 09 Sep, 2015
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