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How to back up and restore SOLUS for SIMS

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Last updated: 14 Mar, 2016

Introducing SOLUS version 3

SOLUS (SIMS Online Update Service) allows you to automatically perform SIMS upgrades. With the upgrade from SOLUS version 2 (SOLUS2) to version 3 (SOLUS3), a new database is introduced to keep track of SIMS deployments across hosts/devices. Without this database, in a DR scenario each workstation configuration would have to be re-entered. Also see

This new database is named "solus3_deployment_server".

SOLUS configuration options

SOLUS3, can be installed on:

  1. An existing SIMS Server;
  2. An existing FMS Server;
  3. An alternative machine on the school’s network.

This allows 2 backup options.

Note: Whilst Backup Pro can restore SIMS and FMS, a basic procedure to restore SOLUS3 is explained below but will require additional guidance from your local SIMS support team.

Backup option 1: SOLUS is installed on a SIMS or FMS server

  1. Using the existing Backup Pro "Sims" or "FMS" Plug-in, add an entry for "solus3_deployment_server" under "Database Name"
    Note: Make sure there is a "," to separate the two database names:  
  2. Now perform a backup and check in the Backup Client logs that the SOLUS database has been added correctly:

Backup option 2: SOLUS installed on a seperate server

If SOLUS3 is on a separate server then the SIMS plug-ins will not be available. Either the SE (A below) or ESE (B below) Backup Clients can be used to back up SOLUS3.

A. Using Backup Pro Server Edition (SE):

With SE, unlike SIMS, Discover & FMS, there is no special facility needed to include the SOLUS3 database to be backed up and so the standard VSS and SQL plug-ins can be used.

  1. Install Backup Client on a standalone host with VSS plug-in.
  2. Select the following SQL database: solus3_deployment_server:
  3. Perform a backup and check backup logs for any errors.

B. Using Backup Pro Enterprise Server Edition (ESE):

ESE is an alternative Backup Client which will require a further licence, please check with your Redstor Backup Pro provider for costs.

  1. Install Backup Client on a standalone host.
  2. Navigate to the SQL view:
  3. Select the following SQL database: solus3_deployment_server.
  4. Perform a backup and check backup logs for any errors.

Restore SOLUS3

In order to recover the SOLUS database, restore the database as you normally would by using the Restore tab in the Backup Client.

Contact your Capita support for help on importing the database.

Note: Unlike SIMS, FMS and Discover, Capita does not offer accreditation for SOLUS3 backup on separate devices but are happy to support their backup partners and customers with restoration where required.

Article ID: 346
Last updated: 14 Mar, 2016
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Posted: 14 Mar, 2016 by Du Plessis S.
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