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How to back up Capita SIMS from a different Server

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Last updated: 14 Mar, 2016


It may be desirable to back up Capita SIMS using Attix5 Pro from different server. In the example below, this is because SIMS is running in a Microsoft Failover Cluster and a single client is desirable, but the configuration will work just as well against non-clustered SQL and file servers.

The steps below are the tested method and recommended configuration.

Note: SIMS Cluster Configuration is outside of the scope of this document.


  • Windows Server 2008 or later with SIMS installed running as the SIMS Server. This features:
    • SQL Server for SIMS, FMS and Discover databases
    • File Server service for SIMS and DOCSTORAGE shares
  • Windows Server 2008 or later running as client to connect to SIMS. This features:
    • Attix5 Pro Server Edition Client
    • SIMS software installed with server not configured


  1. Create a Windows user on the SIMS server machine that will allow the client machine full control of the shares, e.g. “A5BackupUser”.
  2. The DMS folder and SIMS folder both need to be shared to allow the client to access them. These are shared as “docstorage” and “SIMS” in the example below.
  3. The SIMS database instance on the SIMS server needs to allow remote connections.
  4. The SIMS database instance service needs to be run as a user with permission to write to the SIMS client machine, e.g. SQLServiceUser.
  5. On the client machine, create a share for dumping the SIMS databases back to and assign full access permissions to the SQL service user. In the example below, this is “\\sims-ws\simsdbdump”. Within the share, create a folder that the database will be written to. In the example, this is a folder called “DB”.
  6. To configure the Attix5 client, you will first need to set the service user under Windows services, so that it can connect to the SIMS server shares.
  7. In the Attix5 Client GUI, add three UNC paths:
    • Two of these are on the SIMS server for the folder shares:
      • \\sims-server\docstorage
      • \\sims-server\sims
    • The third is pointing to the same host that the backup client is running on, but must use the hostname so that the SQL server knows where to write the database backup file to.
  8. In the client, open the SIMS plug-in. Enter the UNC share paths for the Shared Directory and Document Server Root, making sure to match the case of the UNC shares as they appear in the main Attix5 selection tree (all lower case).
  9. Enter the SIMS database connection details as usual, but specifying the SIMS server as the SQL server.
  10. Enter the client’s database dump UNC path with subdirectory in the “Backup to” field. Note that the case of this needs to match the share and subdirectory as it appears in the selection tree, so in our example “\\sims-ws\simsdbdump\DB”.
  11. Select the DBAttach path from the installation on the client machine.
  12. Click OK to save the settings.

Example: Configuration Diagram

Running a Backup

When a backup is initiated, it will run in the following way:

  • DBAttach will be called with the parameters specified, will connect to the SQL server on the SIMS Server machine, and will write the database back to the SIMS client machine dump path.
  • The database will be backed up from the files in the dump path.
  • Files from the Shared SIMS Directory and Document Server Root Directory will be read from the UNC shares and backed up using Attix5 from this location.

Note: Although not shown here, the FMS and Discover Settings can be configured in the same way as the main SIMS database.

Article ID: 348
Last updated: 14 Mar, 2016
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Posted: 14 Mar, 2016 by Du Plessis S.
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