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SIS options per group

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Last updated: 05 Jan, 2011
SIS Behaviour can be specified/modified per group.  This article explains the different settings.
SIS Behaviour options:
  • Disabled
  • Minimum Space (default behaviour)
  • Max Speed
Disabled means global SIS is completely disabled for all accounts in the group.  You will not benefit from files already on the StorageServer and none of the uploaded files will be placed in Global Storage.  This has the least impact on the disk during backups and is also the fastest.
Minimum Space is how it operates currently.  During the backup all received files are checked against Global Storage to eliminate duplicates prior to transfer.  This requires that Global Storage is accessed during the backup process which will slow the Validating and Optimising part of the backup down but will ensure the smallest transfer.
When Max Speed is selected the backup will always send all intended files to the Storage Platform, whether they exist in Global Storage or not.  After the backup any duplicates will however be filtered out in a separate process (not holding up backups), fully utilizing Global Storage.  This setting can be used in a high bandwidth environment (like a LAN) where transfer savings are not important since more data may be transmitted than is absolutely necessary.
Article ID: 36
Last updated: 05 Jan, 2011
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Posted: 31 Aug, 2010 by Marais D.
Updated: 05 Jan, 2011 by Marais D.
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