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SIMS/FMS/Discover plug-in information and downloads

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Last updated: 15 Dec, 2015

The SIMS/FMS/Discover database plug-in is a specialised plug-in to protect Schools Information Management System (SIMS, provided by Capita in the UK - data. This article provides information on how to obtain the latest versions and install the plug-in.

First time install of the plug-in

Get the latest Backup Client:

  1. Install the latest Server Edition Backup Client.
    Note: For a list of the latest Release Versions, please see FAQ Article 289)
  2. After install, close the Backup Client and then stop the "Attix5 Pro SE" Windows service.
  3. Logon to the Partner area and download the latest "Client Auto Updates" and run the file once downloaded.

Get the latest plug-in installer:

  1. Download the latest "Server Edition Plug-in Installer" and run the file once downloaded.
  2. When running the installer, you'll be prompted to enter some details
    • Step 1: Make sure the SE installation folder is correct
    • Step 2: Select "SIMS" in the list of plug-ins
    • Step 3: If you're happy with the changes, proceed by clicking the Apply Requested Changes button
    • Step 4: Click Finish
  3. Start the Attix5 Pro SE service
  4. Open the Backup Client and configure the SIMS plug-in. (Refer to the "SIMS" chapter in the Server Edition Plug-ins User Manual in the Partner area for more infomation)

Note: If you do not have access to the Partner area, please contact your Reseller to obtain the latest Backup Client and SIMS plug-in.

Plug-in Auto-Updates

Once Auto-Updates are enabled for the particular Backup Groups and new "Client Auto Updates" have been extracted on the Storage Platform, the SIMS/FMS/Discover plug-in will automatically be updated during the next backup.

Known Issues

If FMS is installed but not SIMS, the plug-in will still display both the SIMS and FMS options. Navigate to the SIMS configuration page and deselect the Backup SIMS SQL Server check box. Failure to do so will cause backups to display an error that the SIMS plug-in has not yet been configured.

Article ID: 48
Last updated: 15 Dec, 2015
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