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Email Notification plug-in not working after upgrade to Attix5 Pro SE V6.1.0.4 (if using SMTP authentication)

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Last updated: 18 Feb, 2013


After a manual or auto update of Attix5 Pro SE to V6.1.0.4, the Email Notification plug-in stops working when SMTP authentication is enabled.


The password stored for the SMTP authentication is not encrypted correctly during the upgrade process. The plug-in therefore fails to get the password and authenticate correctly.


1. Immediate fix

  1. Open the Email Notification plug-in (Tools > Email Notification).
  2. Re-enter the password.

2. Auto update

  1. Please download this update:
  2. Paste this file into the "ClientUpdates" folder of the AccountServer (e.g. C:\Program Files\Attix5 Pro\Storage Platform\ClientUpdates).
  3. Ensure Auto Update is enabled for the relevant Group/Storage Platform.
  4. At the next backup the update will be pushed to the Server Edition and the fix will be applied when the next backup is performed.

3. Manual update to V6.1.0.4 (using MSI)
(ref: Storage Platform Console User Manual, Chapter 6)

  1. Download the updated zip file and extract it:
  2. Start the Deployment Wizard.
  3. Select 'Server Edition' and 'Show Advanced Options' on the first step.
  4. Add your selections etc as usual in the following steps.
  5. At step 9, Additional Files & Properties, select Add Folder
  6. Select the "CustomMSIInclude" folder. (you must include this parent folder and not the content).
  7. Complete the rest of the steps and build the MSI.
  8. Now run the MSI to upgrade the Server Edition to V6.1.0.4

Note: Should the Email Notification Plug-in dialog be opened before completing the first backup after the above upgrade has been performed, and OK is clicked without entering a password, the password could potentially be corrupted.

Article ID: 73
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2013
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Posted: 03 Aug, 2011 by Van Rensburg J.
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