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MAC client patching unchanged data with every backup

Article ID: 76
Last updated: 28 Sep, 2011

Problem description
After the initial backup, each subsequent backup may include file patching, regardless of whether or not the files have changed at all. This can cause backups to run for longer than expected and result in more data being transferred to the Storage Platform.

Mac OS X contains multiple streams for each file, and while the filesystem reports the file size on only one stream, Attix5 backs up the file using all streams.
This might cause a problem on some computers during the building of the backup list.  When reading the file sizes from the streams, the file size might be misreported in the Attix5 client, causing the client to add the files to backup list again. Those files will then be patched at the next backup.

On affected clients, the backup might take longer than expected, and the changes sent to Storage Platform may contain more data than normal but in most cases de-duplication would cause none of the data already sent to be retransmitted.
No impact has been identified on the data integrity, or the ability to restore the data, as the problem only manifests itself during the building of the backup list.

There is currently no workaround available.

A fix has been made available and will ship with the release of V6.2 of the Attix5 Pro product that correctly identifies the file sizes from one or all streams.

Article ID: 76
Last updated: 28 Sep, 2011
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Posted: 28 Sep, 2011 by Van Rensburg J.
Updated: 28 Sep, 2011 by Van Rensburg J.
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