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Migrating to a new SP Console and retaining your settings and Group certificates

Article ID: 82
Last updated: 13 Jul, 2012

In order to migrate to a new Storage Platform Console (SPC), but still retain your settings and Group certificates, follow the instructions below:

  1. Install the SPC on the new machine.
  2. On the old SPC machine, navigate to the SPC's user data folder and copy the contents of the Console folder. The default path for Windows 7 is: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Attix5 Pro\Console. This folder contains the SPC settings as well as the Group certificates.
  3. On the new SPC machine, close the SPC and replace the contents of the Console folder with the file(s) and folder(s) that you copied off the old machine.
  4. Start the SPC.

The new SPC now has the same settings and Group certificates that the old SPC had.

Article ID: 82
Last updated: 13 Jul, 2012
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