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Streaming Backup vs. Staged Backup

Article ID: 197
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2013

With the release of V7, Attix5 Pro SE Backup Clients now provide two methods of backing up:

Staged Backup

Staged Backups refer to backups that are done with the Streaming Backup option (available in Options and Settings > Disk Usage) deselected. For Staged Backup, data is written to temporary storage before being transferred to the Storage Platform. This enables the resumption of interrupted backups, but results in greater disk usage.

Streaming Backup (SE Backup Clients only)

The Streaming Backup option (available in Options and Settings > Disk Usage), when enabled, causes data to be transferred to the Storage Platform without being written to temporary storage first. Streaming Backup has the following benefits:

  • Extremely fast (up to 75% faster than staged backups)
  • Uses very little disk space (less than 0.01% of your data selection)
  • Optimised for use in environments where bandwidth usage is not an issue, e.g. data centres

Streaming Backup has the following limitations:

  • Supports Delta Blocking only, not Binary Patching - Results in larger transfers
  • Does not support resumes
  • Provides target de-duplication only, not source de-duplication

Streaming Backup disables certain options:

  • Advanced Communications > Concurrent Transfer
  • All patching options aside from Mandatory Patching - Streaming Backup only supports Delta Blocking
  • Advanced Performance > Backup Limit
Article ID: 197
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2013
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